Spa Marvel® Testimonials

Spa Marvel Testimonials

"We have enjoyed indoor pools and hot tubs for some thirty-five years. Little did we realize how much better Spa Marvel® could be, what with no constant battles with pH, no strong odours, no odours of chlorine and no bleached bathing outfits. We would happily recommend this product anywhere, anytime, to anyone."
-R.B. Rodger, D.C., Port Rowan, Ontario

"We would like to say a word of THANKS for introducing us to Spa Marvel®. We have been using Spa Marvel® for approximately one year and we find it just wonderful. We no longer have the chemical odour within our home, nor do we and our children experience skin irritations, burning eyes, choking from odour and our daughter can enjoy the tub without getting spots/rashes on her skin. Maintenance is much easier and simpler. We no longer need to drain the water from our tub every two months. With Spa Marvel®, we only need to drain and thoroughly clean our tub once a year. Spa Marvel® has made 'hot tubbing' enjoyable and virtually maintenance free."
-Bill and Wanda D., Grimsby, Ontario

"The best thing I like about Spa Marvel® is I don't have to mess with chemicals. Never have to check it, I never get gassed when I open up the top. My hair doesn't turn green, I don't have to check anything before I get in my spa."
-Shawn Swarts, Port Dover, Ontario

"What I like about Spa Marvel® is the fact that it is maintenance free. Before, I used up to 5 different chemicals and was still not happy with the results. Now the water is clean, clear, and is very soft, almost silk like. It's great!"
-W.M. Smits, Grimsby, Ontario

Spa Marvel® is excellent. It eliminates the hassle of using chemicals everyday. We just pour one bottle in and enjoy our spa. The best thing is that it virtually eliminates foaming, chemical smells and harshness. To me, Spa Marvel® means crystal clean, care free water."
- Mike Martin, Hamilton, Ontario

"I would recommend Spa Marvel® to anyone. Since we have been using it we haven't had to add Ph increasers, reducers, antifoam, etc. It is nice not to have chemicals soaking on our skin and there is no chlorine or bromine smell to put up with. We don't have the constant maintenance of monitoring the Ph and Alkalinity levels. Furthermore, I pay good money for highlights in my hair and this product doesn't damage my hair at all. I love it!"
- Pat Jennings, Concord, Ontario
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