Spa Marvel 12 Month Bundle with FREE X10 KDF Water Filter

Spa Marvel 12 Month Bundle includes:

  • 4 - 3 Month Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatments
  • 2 - Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner
  • 1 - Spa Marvel Hot Tub Cleanser
  • 1 - FREE X10 KDF Water Filter!! ($74 Value)

Spa Marvel® Water Treatment and Conditioner

All-In-One Natural Hot Tub Treatment.

The Spa Marvel Company is dedicated to providing green and healthy solutions to spa and hot tub users worldwide.  We have developed our products to address spa and hot tub users' 4 main concerns:

  1. Rashes and itchy eyes due to extensive use of chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.
  2. Maintaining crystal clear water clarity.
  3. Difficulty and complexity of keeping the ideal pH balance in spas and hot tubs
  4. Reducing maintenance costs and increasing the working life of spas and hot tubs

Spa Marvel® Water Treatment and Conditioner addresses all of these concerns and more.  

Spa Marvel is compatible with all hot tubs and traditional spa treatment systems including ozonators, ionizors, ultraviolet, chlorine, bromine, biguanides, lithium and salt systems.


The enzymes contained in Spa Marvel are derived from plant extracts.  Unlike chlorine, which sanitizes and essentially kills bacteria, the enzymes in Spa Marvel help to remove the food (organic matter) necessary for bacteria to live, which is in part how lakes and aquariums can maintain themselves without using chlorine. Spa Marvel clears the path for chlorine allowing it to work much more efficiently.  In other words, it will take a LOT less chlorine to maintain desired levels with Spa Marvel in your spa than without.

If you're not using Spa Marvel in your hot tub or spa, we'd like to ask ... What's in your hot tub?

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