• Spa Marvel Hot Tub and Spa Filter Cleanser

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Spa Marvel Hot Tub and Spa Filter Cleanser

Your Price US$ 27.99

Spa Marvel® Hot Tub and Spa Filter Cleanser

Cleaning your hot tub and spa filter on a regular basis is of utmost importance in keeping your hot tub and spa water sparkling clean.
Spa Marvel® Filter Cleanser is formulated to clean your filter much more thoroughly than rinsing alone can do.

Spa Marvel® Filter Cleanser
  • Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to remove oils, hair, dirt and grime that gets trapped in the fabric of cartridge filters without the use of bleach or harsh acids.
  • Simply remove filter from spa and rinse with a spray hose.  Add two capfuls of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner to up to 20 liters of fresh water in a pail.  Soak filter overnight in the solution. 
  • Rinse filter thoroughly with fresh water.  Ideally the filter should be allowed to dry before replacing.
We recommend having at least two filters so you can swap one out while cleaning and drying the other.
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